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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is smoking allowed in the suite, restrooms, or waiting areas?
Answer: No.  The Beauty Mall is a smoke-free facility.

Question: Is hot water available in the suite?
Answer: Yes.  We provide one 85-gallon hot water heater for each five stylists.  There are a total of three hot water heaters.  Furthermore, we have pumps which circulate hot water all the time so, if you are on the end, you will receive hot water just a fast as a stylist next to a hot water heater.

Question: Is adequate electrical power available to handle hair dryers, clippers, and other stylist needs?
Answer: There is plenty of power for each suite.  In addition to other power requirements, you can run up to three dryers at the same time.  However, each suite is prewired for two dryers.  Extra dryers with are available for only $25.00 per week per dryer.  This price includes utilities.

Question: Is adequate parking available?
Answer: There are six customer parking spaces directly in front of The Beauty Mall.  Another six customer parking spaces are across from the front.  Additional parking is available on the side of the building.

Question: Are tenants permitted to redecorate their suite by adding pictures, repainting, adding light fixtures, etc.?
Answer: Tenants are free to hang pictures and other wall ornamentation.  Wall ornamentation must be installed by using nails only - no tape.  Painting and electrical wiring are not permitted by the tenant directly.  Contact the managment for more details.

Question: What telephone services do you offer?
Answer: Tenants may choose any telephone service they desire.  However, the use of a service other than we offer for additional charge must be arranged directly by the tenant.  We offer only NEC telephone and ITC-DeltaCom service.  With this telephone and service combination you will have voice mail, intercom, fourteen-day memory, and the ability to forward calls to a digital pager or cell phone.

Question: What are the three phone lines you provide?
Answer: One line is for incoming calls to your suite.  A second line is for outgoing calls only.  The third line is for your credit card machine.

Question: Does the additionl private telephone line option for $4.00 per week include long distance?
Answer: No.  Long distance calls are 7 cents per minute, including all taxes.

Question: Do you provide cleaning service (empty trash, dust furniture, vacuum carpet, etc.)?
Answer: All common areas are cleaned by the landlord.  Place your trash in the outside cans at the rear of the building.  Large trash items are picked up Monday and Thursday each week.

Question: Are tenants permitted to remove or relocate interior walls?
Answer: No.

Question: Does mail and package delivery come to the management office or does it come direct to the tenant suites?
Answer: Each tenant is given a common mail box key.  For packages, if tenant is not in, landlord will receive and put package in tenant's suite or hold in rental office for tenant to pickup.


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